Wishfinity Launches Spread Joy Program Complete With New App Features.

Wishfinity is committed to helping users get their wishes. The latest version of the application features a Spread Joy function to empower busy individuals to connect better with those closest to them as well as with people they may not have thought of in a while.

(PRWEB) MARCH 05, 2018  

Busy with work and other commitments, parents and professionals alike can forget to connect with loved ones to say the positive things they feel about them. Wishfinity acknowledges that struggle and aspires to help users be more vocal about their feelings and more proactive about reengaging with loved ones. To facilitate more exchanges of praise and acknowledgment the company is rolling out its Spread Joy program which integrates praise and reflection prompts into the already existing wish engine

Existing users familiar with the Wish Randomizer™ will now see a variety of Spread Joy suggestions within the app to trigger reflection and show appreciation for others. The content has been cultivated to provide a vast mix of constructive behaviors, including suggestions to pay a compliment, extend an apology, reminisce with an old friend, and show appreciation. This is the seed for the user to take and spread to their network. Spread Joy poses questions like “Who is the most thoughtful person you know?” encouraging Wishfinity users to both reflect and then take an action to praise or engage the person who fits the bill. Notifications can be pushed out via email and other social platforms. From there, recipients can wish for an action to cultivate the exchange further or initiate a Spread Joy message of their own. Whether it’s scheduling a time to catch up or simply letting someone know they were thought of, the effects are moving in a positive direction. 

Social media norms have turned users into ego-centric broadcasters, debaters, and passive listeners. Wishfinity is a platform committed to the good of social media. The brand has no room for negativity, divisive monologues, or trolling. Product development is focused on helping people achieve what they want most, according to founder Lee Bellon, “People want more positive social network experiences, online and offline. Something that builds stronger interpersonal bonds and spreads joy.” 

In December 2017, Facebook’s own researchers outlined how the social network could be used to either improve mental health or negatively impact user’s psyche, and Facebook’s ongoing dilemma with how to encourage the good. Researchers have shared how anonymity and lack of personal ties can be freeing for some on social media; it can also serve as the bastion that allows trolling destructive forces to rampage across social media. As a result, Wishfinity has chosen to foster a healthy environment where accountable individuals can feel empowered, inspired and rewarded. 

According to investor and media responsibility advocate Stephanie Katcher, JOYN’s intention with Wishfinity and specifically the Spread Joy campaign is to create self-perpetuating positive effects through social media. Recent studies have pointed to the contagious risks of loneliness, a disease that can spread across the same networks devised to connect people around the world for good. “Loneliness is contagious, so is joy. We want to make sure we are doing what we can to combat loneliness and give joy a boost,” explained Katcher. 

For users who’ve let their personal network wither, Spread Joy affords a great way to break the ice without the recipient fearing there’s an ‘ask’ coming. Kudos, particularly ones given unexpectedly, are a heartwarming surprise for recipients. Reconnection can take many forms, be it just the heartfelt knowledge that someone is thinking of you, the rekindling of communication channels, or the commitment to a face-to-face. All have greater potential to lead to deeper dialogues than what consumers, friends, and family are getting out of their apps currently.