JOYN Corporation Brings More Wishes to Market in 2018.

(PRWEB) FEBRUARY 08, 2018  

Known for being the best system for parents and kids to exchange wishes, Wishfinity™ expands their wish inventory with nine new categories. Joining the original Goodies and Chores categories, are Fun, Favors, Skills, Bucket List, Knowledge, Adulting, Honey Do’s, Self Care, and Charitable. These new wish categories along with expanded platform capabilities allow Wishfinity to deliver more wishes to more dynamic relationship types like friends, couples, extended family, colleagues, and even one’s self. 

The Wishfinity™ platform allows users to manage all the things they want, going beyond listing products to include all the things they’d like to do, all the places they’d like to go, and even the type of person they’d like to become. Wishfinity™ is the only comprehensive wish list, providing consumers with an end-to-end service to discover, list, share, and receive all the things they want. Wishes can be immediate, long-term, or anything in between. And as a social network for exchanging wishes in an equitable fashion, users can seamlessly request the things they’d like to receive in addition to proposing wishes they’ll perform for others. 

The Wishfinity™ platform is a burgeoning, viral wish economy where wishes include goods, services, actions, behaviors, and engagement with others. Users unsure of where to begin can discover new wishes by interacting with Wishfinity's patent-pending "I wish [person] would [wish]" interface. CEO Lee Bellon describes the experience as analogous to Google’s predictive search box. Users can free-form type their wishes, browse from thousands of sample wishes, or search from millions of products. Users can also interact with Wishfinity’s engaging Wish Randomizer™, a recommendations widget expressing a multitude of wish possibilities.

As the Wishfinity™ user-base scales so does the marketplace demand for the fulfillment of experiences, goods, and services. The formation of a robust wish economy establishes one of the largest emerging markets for merchants and service providers with the Wishfinity platform at its core.